NBA Basketball Betting Total Lines at SBG Global

February 6th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

If you pick basketball NBA Basketball Betting games on a regular basis, particularly NBA games, you probably know that NBA totals are an area where you have a chance to make money.

Basketball betting is not always easy, but it has been said that beating totals on the NBA basketball betting lines can be done. The percentage of the handle on basketball betting totals during the NBA season at a sportsbook is only at about 20% of the overall NBA handle, but that 20% is not something sportsbooks do well with.

Why are NBA totals on the NBA basketball wagering lines easier to beat than side wagers? Basketball betting is not that easy for most people, so why are totals in the NBA something that people look to bet? Most of the sportsbook managers have said that they are not very happy with their NBA totals on the NBA basketball wagering lines. You would think that if someone is not happy about something they would change it, but sportsbooks don’t have enough good sources for NBA basketball betting lines totals, so they are stuck using the poor service in Las Vegas that is overrated.

If the sportsbook gets a poor opening number on an NBA basketball wagering lines total from the odds service it usually ends up getting pounded by professional bettors. Take a look at the limits on NBA basketball betting lines totals at sportsbooks and you may be surprised at what you see. The good news for the sportsbooks is that the average bettor still doesn’t bet NBA basketball wagering lines totals very much. Usually the totals play comes from the wise guys. That is obviously not good news for the book, but at least they don’t get a ton of followers because the public doesn’t play a great deal of totals on the NBA basketball wagering lines.

What also happens with these basketball betting totals is that they move a great deal. With other sports you don’t get violent lines movement like you do with NBA basketball betting lines totals. If a number is weak, and many are when it comes to NBA totals, the NBA basketball wagering lines continually gets pounded. The book is now at risk because they are one sided on the total and another problem now opens itself up and that is the problem of getting middled. If the NBA basketball wagering lines moves 4 or 5 points, which happens all the time, some bettors will then jump in and try to middle the game. This doesn’t help the book either. If you want to bet NBA totals against the NBA basketball wagering lines then bet the games early so you have the best chance at winning.


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