Basketball Betting Lessons from the Celtics at SBG Global Sports betting

February 6th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting is always full of surprising results, yet the Charlotte Bobcats’ recent victory over the Boston Celtics. In Boston, is certainly one of the most shocking NBA betting results of the year so far. This basketball match up involved one of the NBA’s best teams against one of its worst, yet the basketball betting underdogs from Charlotte not only covered the NBA spread, they also handily won the game. Such a basketball betting result provides a useful reminder that absolutely nothing is a lock in the NBA betting world.

Basketball on the Celtics has been nothing short of phenomenal this year, as the team enjoys an NBA-best 29-4 record and a stellar 22-11 record against the NBA betting lines. Also, going into their game against Charlotte, the Celtics had only dropped one game at home, which was to the highly respectable Pistons. The Charlotte Bobcats, on the other hand, are in the midst of another highly forgettable season. They are second to last in their division, with a 13-21 record, and they went into their basketball match up against the Celtics with only one road victory for the season. If there was ever a basketball match up in which the straight up winner seemed obvious and the only question revolved around the NBA lines, then this was it. However, the Bobcats shocked basketball experts everywhere by dominating the Celtics and cruising to a 95-83 victory.

There is no question that this NBA upset was unpredicted by even the most astute basketball betting analysts. Nevertheless, such basketball upsets do happen. For example, no basketball expert figured the Golden State Warriors would be able to upset the Dallas Mavericks in last year’s Playoffs, but they clearly outmatched them and advanced to the next round. Such examples of basketball betting upsets serve as useful reminders that absolutely nothing is certain when you are doing your NBA betting. If you handicap a game thinking that you can support basketball betting on one side because a certain outcome is guaranteed, then you are mistaken and eventually you will pay for that error. There is no doubt that many frustrated basketball betting fans lost their wagers last night with the loss of the Celtics. Nevertheless, by remembering that there is no such thing as a lock in basketball you will be able to more wisely make your wagers and find value in the basketball lines.