Atlanta Hawks and the quest for respect

March 13, 2015 NBA Basketball

The Eastern Conference is soft, but NBA Basketball Betting fans shouldn’t sleep on the Atlanta Hawks because of it. They have the second best record in the league (.794) and they are going toe-to-toe with the Warriors for the unofficial tittle of the best team in the league. However as much as they prove themselves time and time again, they still have to deal with the fact that the Number 2 Cleveland Cavaliers are touted to be the Title contenders over them. Much like Rodney Dangerfield, the Hawks “don’t get no respect”.

Yesterday the hawks demolished the Sacramento Kings 130-105, setting a franchise record for most 3-pointers made on a game. They also reached the highest amount of points scored in the season so far for them. If that wasn’t enough good stats for NBA Basketball betting, they managed to dish 42 assists setting a new season high record. All their starting five players ended the game with double scoring figures. They were the first team in the NBA to reach 50 wins (the Warriors later on the evening reached 50 wins also), and they are still the only team that has secured their playoff berth.

You see where this is going, right? The Hawks are the true contender in the East, they have the squad to make it to the finals and derail LeBron’s fairytale storyline of the hometown kid who came back to give Cleveland a championship banner. All that the Hawks have to do now to secure their home court advantage for the Playoffs is to win just 7 more games.. A feat that NBA Basketball Betting fans can be sure will be easily achieved by the Hawks, who right now are focused to lay the law down and rightfully claim the top spot on the Eastern Conference.

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