76ers Looking to Make History in NBA Betting

October 7th, 2019 NBA Basketball

There’s nothing that excites online NBA betting fans quite like watching history be made. Last season was full of record breaking moments, like the Warriors winning the most amount of regular season games or even the Cavs’ unbelievable run in the Finals. But there were other teams that closed in on making history, albeit for less honorable reasons.

During the 2015-16 season, the Philadelphia 76ers were inarguably the worst team in the league. So terrible in fact, that last year’s 76er squad were 3 games shy of tying the record of the worst team in NBA history, the 2012 Charlotte Bobcats. In 2012 the Bobcats were only able to win 7 games and finished the season with a record of 7-59. Last season, Philadelphia came devastatingly close to beating that record when they finished with a 10-72 record.

Had the 76ers lost 4 more games, they would’ve gone down in online NBA betting history as the worst team to ever step foot on a court within the NBA. After such a terrible showing, one would expect that improving on that record shouldn’t be too difficult. But from what we’ve seen from Philadelphia this season, it seems that they are more concerned with taking that record from the Bobcats than actually winning basketball games.

The 76ers 2016-17 season began on October 26th when they faced the Oklahoma Thunder. Although they played competitively, the game would ultimately end in the Thunder’s favor. From then on out the 76ers have lost three straight games, giving way to an 0-4 record – certainly not the way you’d like to start a turnaround season. In some games Philadelphia has been combative, in others they’ve been blown out.  With such awful performances, no basketball betting site is going to favor Philadelphia, especially not against their next opponent.

On Saturday, November 5th the Philadelphia 76ers will be hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Wells Fargo Center. Obviously the online NBA betting odds are going to favor the reigning champions against a team that’s 0-4. The opening tipoff will occur at 7:00 PM EST. Those who are unable to catch the local broadcast can still tune into the game with NBA League Pass.

Although the 76ers desperately need to prove themselves, the Cavaliers will also be coming in with a chip of their own. This past Wednesday night LeBron James and company witnessed the Cleveland Indians lose the World Series after blowing a 3-1 lead. James had recently made headlines for his decorations at his Halloween Party. Specifically, James had certain décor that insulted the Golden State Warriors for blowing their 3-1 lead in last year’s NBA Finals. James must have never heard the old adage about those who live in glass houses. Either way, the reigning NBA Champion got a little taste of humility when his favorite hometown lead blew a historic 3-1 lead.

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