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February 22nd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA odds can be handicapped by looking at the many different statistics and trends for the National Basketball Association. Let’s take a look at statistical handicapping and how effective that can be versus the NBA basketball odds. NBA odds 2009 and statistics give you a lot of things to consider when you bet the games. As is the case with the trend handicapper, the statistical handicapper suffers the disadvantage of working with material that is based on the past. Sure, it may be recent material and it may even be a decent betting guide versus the NBA basketball odds, but simply not in and of itself as more is needed to win consistently.

The problem with statistical handicapping, beyond being based on the past, is that the NBA odds 2009 makers are fully aware of all big statistical angles. For example, if two high powered offensive teams that lack solid defenses are going to match up, the NBA odds makers know about this, and the public’s tendency to bet the over on such matchups, which means that they will jack up the price and the NBA odds on the over as a result. Any matchup in which there is a glaring contrast in statistics will be detected by the NBA odds makers and dealt with. Rarely can you go with the popular opinion and expect to win money versus the NBA betting odds.

You can run but you cannot hide from the expertise of the NBA betting odds makers and their ability to set the lines based on what you already know.

Beyond all of this, numerous statistical software programs have been developed for handicapping purposes in which you simply “plug in” all of the relevant numbers including NBA odds. None of those programs, however, has made a winner out of anyone betting NBA odds except the guys selling them.

Now, more than ever before, there are experts on every sport that participate in sports betting and that will include NBA odds. These guys have undeniable expertise in the sports that they follow, but very little expertise in how to wager on sports or how to ascertain value and that includes those who bet on NBA odds. The great lesson from the “experts” on sports and NBA odds is that it is far more valuable to be an expert on gambling rather than on sport itself if you want to win money.


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