2009 NBA Mock Draft

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NBA mock draft picks begin with the Los Angeles Clippers taking Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin with the #1 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. NBA Draft odds have Griffin a virtual lock at #1 but there is some debate among sports betting gamblers with the next couple of picks in the NBA draft.

NBA draft boards have Memphis taking either Spain’s Ricky Rubio or Connecticut’s Hasheem Thabeet with the second pick in the NBA Draft. There are even some NBA mock draft boards that have them taking Arizona State’s James Harden. The most likely pick though is Thabeet. Oklahoma City would then probably go with Harden at #3 in the NBA Draft while Sacramento would get Rubio at #4. Stephen Curry could go #5 to Washington on the NBA mock draft board while Tyreke Evans could go to Minnesota at #6. Golden State would then take Arizona’s Jordan Hill at #7 while the Knicks would select Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn at #8. Toronto could go with UCLA’s Jrue Holiday at #9 with the Bucks taking USC’s Demar DeRozan at #10.

Brandon Jennings could be the pick for the Nets at #11 in NBA Draft odds at the sportsbook followed by Charlotte taking Gerald Henderson in the NBA draft at #12. Indiana goes with DeJuan Blair on the NBA mock draft board at #13 while Phoenix takes Earl Clark at #14. NBA mock draft boards have Detroit going with Gonzaga’s Austin Daye at #15 while the Bulls take Wake Forest’s James Johnson at #16. Philadelphia could use North Carolina’s Ty Lawson at #17 while Minnesota takes Terrence Williams at #18 in the NBA mock draft. B. J. Mullens could fall to Atlanta at #19 while Utah takes North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough at #20 in NBA Draft odds at the sportsbook. NBA mock draft continues at #21 with New Orleans picking Eric Maynor and Dallas taking Jeff Teague. Sacramento would get Sam Young while Portland takes Darren Collison. The Thunder picks #25 and take Chase Budinger while Chicago picks Omri Casspi. The Grizzlies take a shot with Jodie Meeks at #27 in NBA Draft odds with Minnesota selecting Wayne Ellington at #28. The Lakers go with Jonas Jerebko at #29 and Cleveland takes Rodrigue Beaubois at #30 in the NBA draft.

Sports betting gamblers should definitely enjoy the 2009 NBA Draft as it is televised live on ESPN on Thursday, June 25th.


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