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February 22nd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA basketball odds start with the preseason of October, which is followed by a grueling regular season that runs from November through mid-April. The playoffs then follow from mid-April through mid to late June in NBA basketball. Let’s take a closer look at NBA betting.

NBA basketball include pointspread sides, over/under totals, money lines, halves, parlays, teasers, futures, and props. NBA basketball are exciting throughout the regular season and really pick up for the playoffs. Another option that is added during the playoffs is the series price where you can bet on a team to win their individual series without worrying about betting each game. The NBA basketball odds aren’t nearly as affected by previous results, especially in the regular season, as the games don’t mean nearly as much. That changes in the playoffs when what happens the previous game can definitely have an impact on the next game’s NBA basketball. The bounce back theory is alive and well in NBA odds in the playoffs.

In pro basketball regular season NBA basketball odds, what does carry a lot of weight with the betting lines is home court, perhaps as much or more than the home “advantage” of any other sport. NBA home teams, particularly perennial contenders, are often heavily valued in NBA basketball because there is too much emphasis and value placed on home court, due to the NBA’s reputation as a home team game. The other main factor that really applies to NBA basketball odds is the marquee factor. There is perhaps no more public team in all of sports than the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are always overvalued and overpriced which means they rarely have a winning season versus the NBA basketball . That doesn’t mean they can’t win some games versus the NBA odds but they are always laying too many points because of their popularity. Other teams like Boston and Cleveland can be public teams as well in terms of the NBA basketball but nothing compares to the Lakers. It is kind of like the Yankees in baseball in terms of betting popularity.

NBA basketball are really interesting to look at. They get even more interesting as the season progresses and really pick up popularity when the playoffs begin. Take a look at the NBA odds today and enjoy the great regular season and playoff action this year.

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