Toronto Raptors NBA Odds

February 22nd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Toronto Raptors were a great success both straight up and against the NBA odds last season. It seems every single night that the Raptors were competitive and also undervalued in terms of NBA basketball odds.  The  Toronto Raptors won the Atlantic Division last year with a 47-35 record.  Fans looking at NBA odds know that Chris Bosh led the team with 22.6 points per game and 10.7 rebounds per game. T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon did a nice job of running the offense and overall the Raptors played very well on most nights for fans betting NBA odds.  The Raptors need to continue to improve their scoring options because in the playoffs it was Bosh or nothing and that was not enough to win.

The Raptors have Chris Bosh to lead the way but he needs more support from Andrea Bargnani if the Raptors are to continue their success against NBA odds.  Fans betting NBA basketball odds know that too often the Raptors were waiting for Bosh to score and when that didn’t happen they didn’t have any other options.  Fans of NBA basketball odds see that the team picked up Jason Kapono in the off-season and perhaps he will give them another scoring option.  People looking at NBA fans believe that considering what they paid for him they better get some production.  Fans betting NBA odds know that the Raptors lost Morris Peterson in the off-season and his defense will be missed this season.

A lot of people betting NBA odds are looking for Boston to overtake Toronto at the top of the Atlantic Division but that may not happen.  It seems everyone that bet NBA odds last season overlooked the Raptors and that may happen again this year.  The Raptors have more depth than the Celtics and more experience of playing together and that is good news for fans betting NBA odds.  They could surprise fans that bet NBA odds again this season. The key for Toronto having success against the NBA basketball odds will be finding support for Bosh this year.  Fans betting NBA odds know that Bargnani has to step up and hit more shots and T.J. Ford needs to come to play every night. If Kapono provides some scoring then Toronto could be just as good as last season when they were winners against the NBA odds more often than not this season.