Portland Trail Blazers NBA betting odds

February 22nd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Unfortunately for Portland Trail Blazers and for fans of NBA betting odds, they will not have their #1 pick this season as Oden hurt his knee and underwent surgery that will cause him to miss this season.

The Portland Trail Blazers looked to have it all. They had the #1 pick in the NBA draft and took the consensus pick, Greg Oden from Ohio State. The Blazers and NBA betting odds fans are not without hope this season though. Fans that look at NBA betting odds know that the Blazers are led by last season’s Rookie of the Year, Brandon Roy who averaged 16.8 ppg, 4.4 rbpg and 4 assists per game. The Blazers traded away Zach Randolph to New York so NBA betting odds fans believe they will need someone else to step up and help Roy in the scoring department.

Many NBA betting odds fans believe it is possible that LaMarcus Aldridge could be that player. Fans of NBA betting realize that last year he averaged 9 points and 5 rebounds per game in just 22 minutes per game. Many experts at NBA betting believe that getting Channing Frye in the Randolph trade may also turn out to be a good move. Fans of NBA betting odds are aware that the Blazers also have Steve Blake to run the point and his steady influence should help.

Many NBA betting fans are going to discount the Portland Trail Blazers without Oden. That could be a mistake. NBA betting odds experts see that Portland still has Brandon Roy and a lot of young talent. Oden would have been nice but the Blazers can still win some games without him and make a mark in NBA betting. They may not make the playoffs in the tougher Western Conference but they could make some noise against the NBA betting odds this season.

Many fans of NBA betting odds were looking at Portland as a potential playoff team with Oden. That was overly optimistic. Portland probably wasn’t going to make the playoffs anyway but now they will be undervalued on the NBA betting odds board. Take a look at Portland this season as a team that could be a good bet against the NBA betting odds. The Blazers should be a live underdog against the NBA betting odds this season.


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