Philadelphia 76ers NBA Odds

February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Philadelphia 76ers moved out of the Allen Iverson era of the franchise as they traded away Iverson to Denver last year. The 76ers were actually more competitive in NBA odds than expected last year after trading Iverson.  Fans of NBA basketball odds saw Andre Iguodala establish himself as a future star.  In the trade with Denver the 76ers got Andre Miller and he played very well last season.  Fans that follow NBA odds know that the Philadelphia 76ers are a team on the upswing now that Iverson is gone and one to follow in terms of NBA basketball odds this season.

Philadelphia is going the right way with a lot of youth and that helps them on the NBA odds board.  Fans looking to bet NBA odds know that they have some good young talent in Iguodala and Rodney Carney in addition to Louis Williams and rookie Thaddeus Young.  Fans betting NBA odds know that Miller is a solid point guard and distributes the ball well.  Williams is expected to be a future star so things are looking up for the 76ers in terms of NBA odds.

Fans that bet NBA basketball odds see that Philadelphia has Iguodala to lead them in scoring but they also have Miller and Kyle Korver to provide some punch.  Fans that bet NBA odds see that the 76ers are weak at center with Samuel Dalembert and need some muscle upfront since Steven Hunter is not the answer.  The rookies Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith are the big keys to future NBA odds.  Smith may be the eventual answer to improving the inside game and improving the 76ers even more versus NBA odds this season.

Fans that bet NBA odds see that the 76ers probably won’t make the playoffs this season but they are moving in the right direction. It helps that the 76ers play in the weaker Eastern Conference.  Fans of NBA odds know that getting rid of the Iverson albatross that was hanging around their neck was a huge step in the right direction.  People looking to bet NBA basketball odds know that Andre Iguodala is a future superstar and Andre Miller is a solid point guard.  If the Sixers get some of their younger players to develop they will be a dangerous team against the NBA odds this season and a team worth looking at throughout the NBA season.


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