New York Knicks NBA Odds

February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Fans looking at NBA odds know that the New York Knicks have been a mess for years. The 2007-2008 Knicks will probably continue that tradition. But at least with Zach Randolph they have the potential to win a few games and beat the NBA odds.  Unfortunately for the Knicks as long as Isaiah Thomas is part of the organization they will be a failure.  Fans that like betting NBA odds know that the Knicks do have some talent led by Zach Randolph who they got from Portland.  Randolph can score and rebound and provide toughness and will make the Knicks a threat against NBA basketball odds. The Knicks gave up Channing Frye and Steve Francis to get him but it was probably worth it.

Fans of NBA odds see that the Knicks still have overrated Eddy Curry and ball hog Stephon Marbury but at least with Randolph they should be able to rebound a little bit. Fans looking at NBA odds know that Curry and Marbury will show up on occasion but not on a consistent basis.  Fans that look at NBA odds know that Jamal Crawford is another scoring option but he is nearly as inconsistent as Marbury.  With Curry, Randolph, Marbury and Crawford the Knicks should be able to score and be a threat against the NBA odds.  They won’t play any defense so look for a lot of high scoring games in terms of NBA basketball odds.

Zach Randolph is the key player for the Knicks this season against the NBA odds.  Fans looking at NBA odds know that he should be able to immediately improve the outlook for New York.  The team didn’t make any other major additions so they will probably miss the playoffs again.  How well the Knicks deal with the personalities on and off the court is a bigger issue than talent in terms of NBA odds.  Fans of NBA odds know that the Knicks have the talent to win but don’t have the character.  Fans looking at NBA basketball odds are definitely aware that Randolph and Marbury will want the ball on every possession and that will eventually create problems.  Fans of NBA odds know that Curry has never played up to his potential and Crawford is coming off an injury. Once you add in Isaiah Thomas into that mix you have a team that will eventually unravel and continue to be a mess and that is not a recipe for winning against NBA basketball odds.


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