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February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

NBA Finals odds are usually just thought of in terms of sides and totals. What some bettors forget is that you can still play teasers in NBA Finals betting. The main reason that people play teasers in NBA odds is because they believe the game will be close.

NBA Finals odds on a teaser will give you the choice of adding an extra 4, 4.5, or 5 points to your wager. Betting a two-team NBA teaser usually has you laying about -110 for your bet. That figure changes depending upon whether you choose an extra 4, 4.5 or 5 pts. The payoffs increase as you add teams. If you bet play a 3 team teaser in NBA Finals odds your expected return is from +150 to +190 depending upon how many points you get.

For example, let’s say you bet a three-team NBA Finals odds teaser and put out $100 on your bet. This could be either both sides and one total or both over and under and one side. If you chose the 4 points you would get paid about $190 for ever $100 you risked. If you increased it to 5 points your payout might be only $150 for every $100 you wagered in NBA odds.

The teaser bet in NBA odds is really just a parlay with more points and less favorable odds. If just one NBA Finals odds wager on your tickets loses, the entire bet is lost. If you happen to tie, or what is called a push, on just one of the games, your NBA Finals odds teaser just reverts down to the next level or it might just be a loser depending upon the rules of the sportsbook.

Let’s look at an example for an NBA Finals betting teaser. You make a 3-team teaser bet for $100. The three teams you bet are both sides, the Lakers +2.5, the Celtics -2.5 and over 191. You choose to go with the 5 point NBA odds teaser. Now you have the Lakers at +7.5, the Celtics at +2.5 and over 186. All three of these must win for you to collect.

Remember in NBA odds that you can still play teasers. If you think the game is going to be close in NBA betting you can play a two, three or four team teaser and make money. You could actually bet both teams and the over and the under and if the game landed close to the betting line you would win all four plays and hit your NBA Finals betting teaser.


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