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February 23rd, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

Basketball betting lines in the NBA are interesting to look at and to bet each season.Wagering against the NBA basketball betting lines is often like dealing with a mirage as what is often isn’t and vice versa. Betting on basketball is just like wagering on other sports in that you have two distinct groups of gamblers.

Basketball betting lines are wagered on by the “sharps” who actually understand the concept of value when looking over the basketball betting lines. The sharps are able to differentiate between the straight up matchups and the basketball betting lines on the board. Then there is the rest of the gambling public that makes the same mistakes against the NBA betting lines that they do in other sports. The public that wagers against the NBA basketball betting lines tends to favor the power and “name brand” teams that are perennial playoff or NBA title contenders. What unfortunately doesn’t occur to the basketball betting public is that the NBA basketball betting lines are set based on the oddsmaker’s knowledge of how the public will be betting on basketball.

We can look at various examples of how this works. Teams like the Lakers in their NBA title years were one of the most dominant teams in pro basketball, especially at home. And yet it is interesting to point out that the Lakers were also one of the worst values on the basketball betting board, especially as home favorites, as the masses were falling all over themselves to get down on the Lakers as home chalks. What oftentimes happened is that the Lakers won but didn’t cover the spread for those gamblers betting on basketball.

Looking back a couple of years we see that teams like San Antonio, Detroit and even Miami in their great NBA year won games straight up but were not always profitable for gamblers that were betting on basketball. At the same time, teams like Charlotte or Toronto would consistently win money for basketball betting gamblers. Oftentimes in NBA betting it is perception that rules the day. Keep that in mind as you look at the NBA basketball betting lines this season.

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