Houston Rockets NBA odds

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Houston Rockets have been a two man team for the last few years against NBA basketball betting odds, and although those two men are superb, they are not enough.

Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady have done a lot but they haven’t had much help and fans of  NBA odds have noticed. The Rockets lost in NBA basketball betting odds to the Utah Jazz in last year’s playoffs and haven’t done much in the off-season to improve. Fans looking at NBA odds know that the Rockets need a point guard that can run the offense and they need a big guy in the middle that can protect Yao.

McGrady and Yao both averaged just over 24 points per game a year ago and excited NBA odds fans last year. The next leading scorer was Rafer Alston with 11.5 points per game. Fans of NBA odds know that is a major problem. It also doesn’t help that the other two players in the starting lineup, Jackie Butler and Shane Battier are nothing but role players according to NBA odds experts.

In the off-season the Rockets traded Juwan Howard and picked up Mike James. Fans that are considering NBA odds see that the only addition in the off-season that looks meaningful is draft pick Aaron Brooks.

NBA odds experts know that he was a super scorer at Oregon and if he can score with the Rockets he could be the answer. Fans of NBA basketball betting odds see that Houston has some potential behind Yao and McGrady but that potential needs to turn into reality. NBA odds know that either Brooks needs to immediately help at the point or someone like Bonzi Wells needs to start producing. Another problem as fans of NBA odds know is that Houston always has to deal with injuries. Both Yao and McGrady are injury prone and that is a huge problem for a team lacking depth.

Fans of NBA odds see that Rick Adelman takes over in Houston and that could change the way Houston approaches the season. The Rockets were going nowhere in terms of NBA odds and perhaps the coaching change will help. Looking at NBA odds this season in terms of Houston will find the NBA basketball betting odds shaded a bit toward the Rockets when they play weaker teams but heavily against them when the face teams like the Spurs, Mavericks or Suns.

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