Denver Nuggets NBA odds

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Denver Nuggets will be one of the most exciting teams in terms of scoring and in terms of NBA basketball betting odds this season. The Nuggets have Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin to excite fans that bet NBA odds. Denver also has Nene and Marcus Camby. That could be a potent starting five in terms of NBA odds this season. The key is getting the five to play well together and that didn’t happen very often a year ago as NBA odds fans well know. The Nuggets were really hurt when defensive player of the year Marcus Camby was injured. It also didn’t help that no one else wanted to play defense which resulted in high scoring games versus the NBA odds.

The starting lineup on paper for Denver looks good in terms of NBA odds and straight up wins. Fans that bet NBA basketball betting odds know that Anthony is a superstar, Iverson can score at will, Camby does everything, Nene is tough and J.R. Smith is a nice shooting guard. How well the starting lineup meshes together in 2007-2008 is the big question mark.

The Denver Nuggets added Chucky Atkins in the off-season and that may give them a little depth and help in terms of NBA basketball betting odds. What would really help the Nuggets this season on the NBA odds board is to stay healthy. Camby is a big key in the middle and Kenyon Martin would be a huge plus. Both need to be healthy because it has been proven that Anthony and Iverson don’t play defense as high scores on the NBA odds board show. The Nuggets are definitely a fun team to watch but that doesn’t always translate into wins against the NBA odds.

The team played no defense when Camby was out and they rarely rebounded as fans of NBA odds know. It was Anthony and Iverson scoring and nothing else and that was not good news for NBA odds fans. That usually resulted in high scoring games versus the NBA odds that Denver lost. If Camby is healthy that should change this season. Fans of NBA odds know that the Nuggets have a lot of talent but so far don’t have the chemistry to win consistently. The Nuggets will be interesting to follow in terms of NBA

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