Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Odds

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the Eastern Conference Finals and made it to the NBA Finals a year ago thanks mainly to superstar LeBron James.

Fans that considered NBA odds last season know that the Cavaliers were pretty much a one man team and they lived and died on the back of James.  The Cavaliers still need to get James more help if they intend to compete for an NBA title and win on a consistent basis against the NBA odds.  Fans that bet NBA odds see that center Zydrunas Ilgauskas is getting old and is nothing more than an outside shooter.  Larry Hughes is always hurt and considered overrated by fans of NBA odds.

The only two players that helped James a little bit last season were rookie Daniel Gibson who was superb in the playoffs for fans of NBA basketball odds and forward Drew Gooden.  Eric Snow was expected to provide some help but he is a backup player at best according to NBA odds fans.

Cleveland really didn’t make any changes during the off-season so they will probably slip this season in NBA odds because the Eastern Conference is going to be better.  The Eastern Conference still won’t match the Western Conference but Boston is better, Miami should be healthy and the Bulls look strong according to NBA odds makers.  Cleveland will try and coax another year out of Zydrunas Ilgauskas who is on his last legs but the Cavaliers will need Anderson Varajeo to step up and fill his role. Fans of NBA basketball odds know that Drew Gooden is a solid forward but not a force.

Gibson and Hughes can be good at point guard but too often can’t score for bettors of NBA odds.  Fans of NBA odds know it all falls on LeBron James to carry the team and most of the time last year that is exactly what he did.

The Cavaliers are likely to slip a little bit in the East this season according to NBA odds makers.  Fans of NBA odds know that James is starting to see double and triple teaming on a regular basis and that makes it more difficult for him to score.  He needs to learn to hit free throws if he wants to take the next step.  The Cavaliers look like a team ready for a fall in terms of NBA basketball odds.  James seemed to hit all of the big shots last year and carry the team.  Will that continue this season for NBA odds betting fans?  The Cavaliers need to find an inside game because Ilgauskas and Gooden are just average NBA players as fans of NBA basketball odds can see.