2008 Betting NBA Playoffs Odds at SBG Global

February 26th, 2024 Live NBA Betting Lines

2008 Betting NBA playoffs odds at sportsbooks can be exciting and it can be profitable, but you must handicap the games differently than you do in the regular season. You need to consider other factors variables that make NBA playoffs betting different from betting the regular season.

NBA playoffs odds will have different factors than in the regular season. You must consider things like must-win games, playoff history, line value, and trends. Every NBA playoffs betting season you will find situations where a team is facing a must win game. It might be as early as the second game of the playoffs where a team has lost the opening game. It could be later in the series when a team is down 3-2 facing a must win in game 6 or going home for the year. You must be aware that the must win game is going to occur, and you need to be ready for it in NBA playoffs odds. This must win theory is the very backbone of the zig-zag theory where you take the loser of the previous game in NBA playoffs betting. This theory is very popular among bettors that look at NBA playoffs odds. What happened in the previous game may not be at all what happens throughout the series in NBA playoffs odds. A good coach makes adjustments to what happens in the first game and learns from it.

Sometimes in NBA playoffs odds a team is just overmatched. This happens more in the early rounds than in the later rounds, but it can happen. There are just matchups in the game that one team can’t handle. It is in these situations that you can’t back the team that is overmatched and that means the zig-zag theory won’t work in NBA playoffs odds. If a team is overmatched you are fighting an uphill battle taking them after a loss in NBA playoffs odds. Either take the favorite or lay off the game in NBA playoffs odds.

You can also consider past trends in NBA playoffs betting but you have to be careful using them. What has happened in the past is nice to look at and to take into consideration, but it should not be your main handicapping factor in NBA playoffs odds. You could take into account certain trends like favorites covering early in the NBA playoffs, or dogs covering in the later rounds, but overall take each game separately. What you want to remember when betting NBA playoffs odds is that you need to flexible enough to react to each game.


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