You Can Make Money on Totals in Baseball Betting

February 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting on totals is a great way to bet each spring and summer. Many people ignore the MLB betting totals but oftentimes they can present better value than taking either of the teams in a matchup. Baseball totals usually are made with the starting pitcher getting all of the attention.  That is not how the totals should be made but that is how it is.  That can be good news for you because you can look at more than just the starting pitcher in MLB betting.

The first thing to remember about baseball betting totals is the price. There is not going to be any of this laying -200 or other big prices in MLB betting with totals. Usually you are laying -110 or -120 on your MLB betting totals.  It is a lot easier to win money when you are laying -110 instead of -150. It is also important to remember that you don’t have to worry about line moves much with totals.  What is the oddsmaker going to do?  They can’t do anything other than adjust a total by a half a run or so, and even that is unlikely.

When you get ready to bet totals in baseball betting you can oftentimes make a number that is just as good or better than the number the oddsmaker comes up with. That doesn’t mean you will win every game in baseball betting with totals but it sure does help your chances.

Another factor that goes unnoticed by the oddsmaker is the umpires in the game.  And yes, umpires do make a difference with baseball betting totals.  And no, the oddsmakers don’t care at all about the umpires.  Certain umpires have trends and you can use that information to help you make money when betting totals. You can easily find statistics that go back many years for umpires.  It is easy enough to find out who is behind the plate for the game so that is not an issue. It is always a good idea to know which umpire is behind the plate in the game you are betting.  Many people ignore the stats when it comes to umpires but it is their loss in baseball betting. The umpires are part of the game and have their own trends so keep that in mind.

Always remember that totals can be a way to make money in baseball betting.


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