Yankees A-Rod 2015 Performance So Far

December 16th, 2019 MLB Baseball

With the 2015 MLB now in to the 2nd half of the season and the Yankees A-Rod coming upon his 40th birthday, he has done it again and hit 3 home runs in this game, and that does not seem to surprise his fans any longer.

So let’s look at what A. Rodriguez has done to date this season that has increased production in the center of the Yankees of New York’s roster. Yes, on Monday the 27th of July A-Rod turns 40 and his script this 2015 has changed. The year began with not many seeing him perform a comeback of the All-Star quality, but lately has gone above board, like with his home run hat trick this past Saturday night in the Yankees home game.

In that game on Saturday night at Target Field in the 9th inning A-Rod had already hit 2 home runs and the 3rd was just 1 pitch away which he connect for his hat trick and the 23rd home run of this 2015 season. After a poor start pitcher Sabathia was in the Clubhouse and he was watching A-Rod get ready to face All-Star G. Perkins in the 9th, and Sabathia had a gut feeling the A-Rod would connect. Sure enough on the 1st pitch Rodriguez hit the ball out of the park over center field and the Yankees won the game 8-5.

The fans are curious as to how Rodriguez turning 40 can do all the things he is doing. Is it because as many say life starts at 40? But there are facts that make us wonder. He has missed 1 complete season and two different surgeries on his hip. That coupled with the fact that he has been known to use enhancing drugs, but they seem to be testing him often and he’s passing the tests.

We have to wonder how he’s doing it, and the facts are what make us wonder, because with A-Rod the truth previously has ruined some good times. So this story, with all its excitement, always comes with question marks.

But all the questions did not stop the Yankees and their manager Girardi from celebration, because without A-Rod the Yankees would likely not be in 1st and leading by 5 games. As it goes now, Girardi actually could win the AL manager of the year, with his decision to make Rodriguez a designated hitter, which allows A-Rod to remain healthier.

The hat trick 3 run homer this past Saturday was A-Rod’s 5th, but the 1st since back in the 2010 season. He has had 62 games where he has had multiple homeruns. In that Saturday game his 1st HR went 452 feet and landed on the upper deck, and in the game he made half of the teams RBI’s in the Yankees comeback win beating the Twins 8 to 5.

The one thing that has proved valuable with A-Rod from season apart from his slugging is he has become a leader of the team, as he goes the extra mile to become involved, and he also likes to make fun of his own actions. He has brought players and fans together and he likes to see people have fun.

However, that’s all good, but had he not been the slugger he’s been this season with 23 homers, 58 RBI’s to date and averaging .278, he probably would not have been able win his fan base back.

So if you Bet on MLB at SBG Global or like sports betting sites, you know that now anything seem possible with the Yankees with A-Rod back and they may just make it to the World Series this season.

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