Yankees Massive AL Pennant Chalk but Bargain Hunters Shop Elsewhere

Yankees Massive AL Pennant Chalk but Bargain Hunters Shop Elsewhere

July 13th, 2020 MLB Baseball, Offshore Bookmaker

At the onset of the 2020 Major League Baseball season was massive Yankee hype. New York is the prohibitive favorite to win the American League pennant. With consecutive 100+ win seasons as baseball’s most historic franchise their status understandable. However, the Yankees are priced in a way that offers no MLB betting wagering value. Not many gamblers want to tie up money for three months at a +159 price. Bargain hunters and sharps wrote off New York long ago. And the American League does offer some capable teams and better prices. The 60-game shortened season has everyone on edge.

2020 Odds to win American League Pennant

Baltimore Orioles+20000
Boston Red Sox+2250
Chicago White Sox+1475
Cleveland Indians+1175
Detroit Tigers+20000
Houston Astros+465
Kansas City Royals+12000
Los Angeles Angels+1290
Minnesota Twins+765
New York Yankees+159
Oakland Athletics+1125
Seattle Mariners+18000
Tampa Bay Rays+897
Texas Rangers+3500
Toronto Blue Jays+4000

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2020 Odds to Win American League Pennant Betting Overview

To begin with, the Yankees are an iconic worldwide brand. Rarely is New York not a top offshore bookmaker choice. Cause by this is the necessity to be prudent. Overlays are a perpetual threat for anyone thinking of a bet with the Yankees. Nearly as popular are the Astros. Since 2015 Houston has been of the most successful teams in MLB. They have made two World Series since 2017 winning once.

Yankees Throw Another Cole in the Fire

The account of the Yankees signing Gerrit Cole was their favorite status enhanced. Cole was the top free agent available for 2020. New York signed him to the biggest contract for a pitcher ever. Cole adds to a team that was already the public’s choice to win the American League. Subsequently, Cole’s arrival illustrates how the rest of the starting rotation is not dominant. Starting pitching is the reason the Yankees could not make it to the World Series in 2019. Cole’s arrival helps but is not a complete cure. Sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton opened camp with injuries. Owing to all of that is a price that is absurd.

Houston, We May NOT Have a Problem

Following the fallout from the sign-stealing scandal, Houston was forced to clean the house. Among others swept out were the manager and general manager. Enter Dusty Baker. Baker has done just about everything one could do in baseball for over 50 years. In fact, the only thing missing from his resume is a World Series championship as a manager. Baker took the Astros job for just that reason alone. And with a pitching staff led by Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke he just may get his chance. Houston has enough roster to make for a legitimate MLB betting

Written Off, Forgotten, But Dangerous With Value

When the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts to the Dodgers Boston fans rebelled. Because of that trade, the Bosox were accused of waving the white flag of surrender. A Boston Tea Party was feared. But since things have calmed down more rational thoughts prevail. In sum, Boston still has a top-five payroll. And a lineup anchored by J.D. Martinez that remains one of the best.

SBG 2020 American League Pennant Betting Odds Free Picks

In this situation, price meets the ability to make the Red Sox atop wagering value.

SBG 2020 American League Pennant Best Bet: Boston Red Sox

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