Yankees at Detroit on Saturday, March 13, 2010

February 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting on Saturday includes a split squad game as the New York Yankees face the Detroit Tigers in Grapefruit League action. The Yankees and Tigers traded outfielders in the off-season as Johnny Damon went to the Tigers while Curtis Granderson went to New York.  This could be an opportunity for each player to make a baseball betting impact. MLB betting usually favors the Yankees but in this split squad game it could be the Tigers that get the attention.  Detroit will be hoping that Damon makes an impact for them this season, similar to what he did for New York last year.  Damon will be counted on to replace Granderson and that will not be easy considering Granderson was Detroit’s lead-off hitter.  MLB betting has the Tigers hoping that Austin Jackson can take over Granderson’s spot and that Damon can hit behind him.  Damon is on the back end of his career and it is simply unrealistic to believe he can replace Granderson. “Detroit was the top team I wanted to sign with going into free agency, and they let us know early on they had a young kid named Curtis Granderson who they were going to give a shot to. It’s funny how we switch teams at this point in my career.”

New York got the better end of the trade on the field although they may miss Damon in the clubhouse.  Granderson is simply a better outfielder and a better hitter than Damon as baseball betting stats indicated.  What happened in free agency was the Damon priced himself out of the market and was lucky the Tigers decided to pick him up. “I’m absolutely at peace as far as signing with the Tigers,” Damon said then. “That chapter of my career became officially over. Who knows what happens down the road?”

The Yankees not only added Granderson for this MLB betting season, they also added Nick Johnson to the lineup this season.  Johnson is being counted on to replace Hideki Matsui and that will not be easy. Johnson doesn’t have Matsui’s power but he is a better overall hitter. He may also improve his power numbers at Yankee Stadium as MLB betting stats have it. “I don’t like to put any numbers on guys, but we know he’s a very good hitter,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “You’re not sure exactly where people are going to hit home runs, but we really like his bat.”