World Series Odds

March 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series odds may not be as popular as football or basketball odds but they definitely are more popular than regular season baseball odds at the online sportsbook. If you have never been involved in MLB World Series betting then you have a few things to learn, many of which are easy.

World Series lines are based on a money line, not on a point spread, and it presents many more opportunities for profit. In MLB World Series betting, you don’t always have to pick more winners than losers to make a profit. Let’s say you play two baseball underdogs in World Series lines that are both +150. If you split, you pick up $50 if you wagered $100 on each game. You went 1-1 but still made money. Say you bet two favorites at -150 and split. Now you would have lost $50. It sounds pretty good to go 1-1 and make money in World Series lines. Most of the time in the World Series the bettors will be taking the favorite simply because people like taking the better team.

Baseball is usually not a big moneymaker for online sports betting sites around the world but the action does pick up with World Series stats. It helps the online sportsbook when marquee teams are involved in World Series action. Whenever the New York Yankees are involved in World Series odds it increases the action. The Yankees are the most popular team in MLB World Series betting and they draw a lot of public support.

As you consider World Series betting you do have a few different options. You can bet on which team you believe will win the entire World Series before it begins. You can also bet each game in World Series odds on a game by game basis. This allows you to bet the sides, totals, run lines and oftentimes propositions on the players. Since the World Series odds games have a higher profile they get more attention in online sports betting from the online sportsbook. This can mean individual player props in World Series odds like who will hit the most home runs, get the first hit, etc. It is similar to Monday Night Football props.

As you consider MLB World Series betting this season you should be able to find a lot of great choices available to you at the online sportsbook.


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