World Series Odds and Trends

February 29th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series odds don’t give you quite as many trends and stats to look at because the two teams don’t play on a regular basis. World Series match the winner of the National League versus the winner of the American League. Unless the teams played in Interleague action, you will have very few head to head trends to look at when betting odds World Series games.

World Series odds trends do exist though. They are just based more on the League and against the spread. A couple of well known trends in World Series show that the American League holds a slight edge but that underdogs do quite well. This makes sense in World Series since the American League is thought of as the stronger League. The American League has the slight edge but the National League is oftentimes a very attractive underdog. Oftentimes in World Series odds a team like Florida or St. Louis doesn’t get a lot of respect, yet they win. Anything can happen in World Series and things change from year to year. Trends are one area that you can use in betting odds World Series games but they must be used with discretion.

When looking at World Series you always have to consider the marquee factor. That means you must be aware that when the Yankees or Red Sox are playing they will be overpriced. Notice that again. We didn’t say that might be overpriced, we said they will be overpriced. You will get no value taking the Red Sox or Yankees in World Series . That doesn’t mean they won’t win, because we know they can. What it does mean is that you just can’t blindly follow them and make money in the long run. Far too often these teams are wagered on by gamblers using their hearts rather than their heads.

A part of the problem in baseball is that the current trend in baseball is large market teams rule. That doesn’t mean they make gamblers money in World Series. Betting baseball involves finding value and that includes World Series. As you are betting odds World Series action you still want good value. Laying -170 or -200 is just not a good way to make money in World Series. Finding solid underdogs is a better way to go about betting odds World Series games.

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