Baseball World Series Betting More Than Just Pitching

March 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series betting is more about just who the starting pitchers in the game are. Pitching is, without question, the most important factor to take into consideration when handicapping World Series odds but it is not the only factor. Many who get involved in MLB World Series over-emphasize the starting pitchers without taking into account anything else.

Baseball World Series is going to see the bullpens come into play. More often than not in today’s World Series odds a starter may not go far past five innings as managers are control freaks. Once a pitcher reaches his designated pitch count he is generally taken out, regardless of how well he is doing. Since starters are seeing even the seventh inning less and less than ever before in MLB World Series betting, a gambler online betting on baseball must get a good handle on the middle relievers, the setup men and the closers of each team in World Series odds.

With the exception of the top two starters the other starters don’t usually go more than five or six baseball World Series innings. This makes the anonymous but critical job of middle reliever extremely important information to know for a gambler who is MLB World Series odds at their favorite sports book.

The slot of a setup man is getting more and more notoriety and attention in baseball World Series. Just look at pitchers like New York’s Joba Chamberlain or Philadelphia’s Ryan Madsen in baseball World Series betting. The setup man will generally work an inning or two before the closer takes the hill in the ninth. The setup man has the all important job of holding the lead for the closer, and making sure that everything runs smooth until those final three outs in baseball World Series.

The closers are of course the most famous relief pitchers, the ones who grab nearly all of the saves and who get the most blame when MLB World Series games are blown as the closers take the mound in the ninth inning with their teams ahead. Teams with weak closers are as important to know as those with ace closers as you may find yourself able to turn some “bad beats” into “lucky wins” in. MLB World Series betting fans with savvy can often go against teams with a good starter but a weak bullpen and get a decent price in since that is deeper thinking than what the typical MLB World Series betting enthusiast brings to the sports book window.


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