World Series Betting Momentum

March 1st, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Series betting gets a lot more attention than regular season betting from most gamblers. This means that the handicapping for World Series baseball betting gets more attention as well. A factor to consider in World Series handicapping is the momentum factor.

World Series has seen teams play two series before meeting in the World Series. They play the Division series and then the League Championship Series. Obviously, the teams will come into the World Series having won both of these series but what about the last few games of the regular season. Do they matter when it comes to World Series wagering? Are teams that have played great down the stretch a sure thing to do well in the playoffs and in World Series baseball wagering? Are teams that have struggled down the stretch going to continue to have trouble in the playoffs and in World Series games?

Momentum in the stretch run of the regular season actually means nothing when it comes to World Series wagering. More than half the time the team that sputtered in September but still made the playoffs went on to win their next series. In the year 2000, the Yankees went a pathetic 13-18 during the final month of the regular season yet won in World Series baseball betting.
In 1998 the Padres were even worse in September but made it to World Series gaming.

2008 World Series baseball gets underway on Wednesday, October 22nd with the American League having home field advantage. That means the first two games in World Series betting are at the American League Park. The next three games in World Series betting are at the National League Park. If necessary, the final two games in World Series betting are back in the American League Park.

World Series action begins with series bets by gamblers and continues on a game by game basis with as many as seven games to choose from with options to bet sides, totals and parlays. Each game in the World Series is televised and that makes for exciting action.

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