Who will win the Home Derby Odds?

March 4th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Home Run Derby odds makers have their hands full trying to choose a winner out of the eight ridiculously talented batters that will be featured in this year’s Home Run Derby betting.

Never an easy jog, the sports betting gurus who set the Home Run Derby , seemingly get some relief this year as the NL hitters have many HRs heading into the Home Derby betting than their AL contemporaries. But anyone that has ever bet the Home Run Derby knows that it’s not quite that simple.Home Run Derby follow the numbers and numbers never lie.  But they don’t always tell the whole truth either and if Home Run Derby makers were simply to follow stats, than Albert Pujols would already have won the Home Run Derby betting.  No need to even stage the event.  But as we’ve seen in the past the Home Run Derby event is unique and it plays by its own rules.  In fact, leading the MLB in HRs is hardly a guarantee of success in the Home Run Derby odds and while impress, Pujols 30 HRs will mean little once the Home Run Derby betting gets underway.

Last year many fans were wondering what Twins catcher Joe Morneau was doing in the Home Run Derby odds.  More of a contact and average hitter than a slugger he had his many doubters until he walked off the Home Run Derby odds field with the title –even though he hit only 22 HRs compared to Josh Hamilton’s Home Run Derby odds smashing total of 35.

But that’s how the Home Run Derby work and that’s what makes it so unpredictable.  Pujols has a tremendous advantage on his side and should probably be the early Home Run favorite.  He’ll be playing in front of his home field fans and Home Run Derby odds history has proven that to be big boost.  He’s also the best hitter in baseball and has many more HRs than any other entrant in the 2009 Home Run Derby odds event.  He’s only participated in one Home Run Derby event before and has average with 13 HRs.

There are also two former Home Run Derby winners in the field this year. Both Ryan Howard and defending champ Morneau know what it take to win these specialized events and that can’t be discounted. Lance Berkman has been the Home Run Derby a million times and come close to winning.

The AL delegation seems especially weak with Jason Bay, Mark Texiera and Evan Longoria combining for pitiful 6 home runs in their collective Home Run Derby odds experiences.

Look for Pujols to take the 2009 Home Run Derby title in his home town and continue to brutalize pitchers in the second half of the season as well.


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