The Weather in Baseball World Series Totals

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series totals can be greatly affected by the weather. Unlike the summer months, baseball World Series betting occurs in October and weather can be unpredictable.

What stadiums are more affected by weather than others in baseball World Series action? Baseball World Series totals are likely to be affected the most in the East with cold weather. Other stadiums like Wrigley Field in Chicago will be affected by the wind, even in baseball World Series wagers.

Wrigley is notorious for high winds and because of that fact, sportsbooks don’t even post totals on Cub’s home games until the day of the game. Some stadiums require you to do a little research before betting baseball World Series totals. With new technology we see that many parks have retractable roofs and they will close in poor weather in baseball World Series action. There are also some that close during extremely hot weather.

Arizona will keep their roof closed on extremely hot days and you may also see that in Milwaukee on hot summer days. Other stadiums will close their roofs if the weather looks threatening so you might have to find out before you bet the total whether or not the roof is open for baseball World Series betting. There is no doubt in places like Seattle and Houston that the ball carries differently if the roof is open or closed and if either of those two teams makes the baseball World Series that information would be important.

When you are betting baseball World Series totals it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the weather and on the stadium. You don’t want to base your entire baseball World Series wager on the wind and the weather, but it definitely is something worth considering when making your baseball World Series bet. So many times we look at every other statistic when it comes to betting baseball World Series totals but fail to look at a simple thing like the weather. We definitely need every advantage we can get when betting baseball World Series totals and taking the weather and the wind into consideration is something we should definitely do for baseball World Series wagers.

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