The Weather Factor in MLB Betting

March 5th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting for many gamblers involves betting totals. How important is the weather in MLB betting? Does it really matter what the conditions are? Let’s look at baseball betting and consider how important the weather could be. MLB baseball betting can be affected by the weather. You have wind and you have heat/humidity that can affect baseball baseball betting. The wind is usually the most looked at weather factor but heat and humidity can also be important. That really is the case during the summer months when the ball starts flying out of ballparks because of the hot temperatures. Some parks require you to do a little research before betting the total. One park affects the total in MLB betting more than any other and that is Wrigley Field in Chicago. Everyone knows about the wind at Wrigley. baseball betting oddsmakers don’t even put up a total until they know the wind speed and direction, so you don’t get overnight totals on Cubs games in baseball betting. Other ballparks are affected if the roof is open or closed. Arizona and Houston are two of those parks. The roof being open or closed can also affect the MLB betting total in Milwaukee games.

Baseball totals can definitely be affected by the wind in addition to the obvious Wrigley Field totals. You can have wind that is blowing out at over 20 miles per hour that affects the baseball betting total. If you have a park like Seattle where the wind is blowing out then looking at betting the over may be something to do. You also should consider not just the wind blowing out, but the wind blowing in with baseball betting. Very often bettors forget that wind blowing in can be even more important. This is definitely true in Wrigley where if the wind is blowing in from left at a high speed the baseball betting total is really going to have a hard time going over. It happens in other parks as well.

As the summer months get going the heat and humidity start to become a factor in baseball baseball betting. This is particularly true in Midwest parks like Kansas City and Seattle where it can be sweltering during the summer when the humidity is high. Take a look at the weather report for baseball betting and don’t just look at the wind direction and speed. As you bet totals in MLB baseball betting keep an eye on the weather and incorporate it into your overall handicapping.


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