Wager on Baseball with Parlays

March 5th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Wager on baseball choices involve sides, totals and parlays. Many sportsbooks love parlays because they are a high return proposition, but with baseball parlays that is not always true.

Let’s look at how to wager on MLB betting parlays and some strategies that can be helpful. Gamble on baseball parlays are different than football or basketball parlays because there is no pointspread. If you team wins you get paid. That is important to remember as you look at MLB betting parlays.  You can string together a parlay of power teams as you wager on baseball and even though they might be big favorites, you can still make good money if they all win. Underdogs are even more valuable in MLB betting parlays. Unlike football or basketball, MLB betting parlays pay true odds which mean that if you have underdogs in the parlay the payouts can be very nice. Sportsbooks don’t like parlays for that reason and for the fact that a number of heavy favorites can win and there is nothing they can do about it except raise the price.

Also keep in mind as you wager on baseball that you can include totals on your parlays. You might see a group of games where you believe the pitching matchups are weak and runs should be scored. You can tie all of these games together in a parlay as you wager on baseball. You can even mix and match sides and totals as you gamble on baseball.

Another potential strategy as you wager on baseball parlays is to group together the best pitchers of the day into a parlay. You could put together a nice parlay of top pitchers or even a totals parlay of “under” involving those teams/pitchers as you gamble on baseball. You may also have parlays that involve power underdogs, power favorites against weak teams, etc as you wager on baseball.

Keep in mind that all of these parlay options as you wager on baseball should be handicapped just as you would a regular game. The more factors we look at when we gamble on baseball parlays the better our chances will be.


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