Wager on Baseball Favorites

March 5th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Wager on baseball action for many people is all about betting favorites. The problem with consistently taking favorites as you wager on baseball is that you have to win a high percentage of your games to make money.

The goal in baseball betting is to find value, stay away from high priced favorites, and avoid losing streaks. Gamble on baseball action is based on money lines. There is no point spread involved. For example, if the Yankees were playing the Red Sox you might see New York listed at -150 with the Red Sox at +130.

This means you are risking $150 for every $100 you want to win on New York and getting back $130 for every $100 you wager on Boston. The money line in baseball is good news/bad news for gamblers that gamble on baseball. It is good news because there is no pointspread to worry about, but it is bad news when the prices get extremely high as you wager on baseball. Since there is nothing a sportsbook can do in regards to a pointspread their only course of action is to raise the money line. That can make it very dicey for a baseball betting player that wants to wager on baseball favorites. Laying -200 or more on a game is something most professional gamblers won’t do at any time as they gamble on baseball.

The other problem for the baseball betting players is that they don’t want to go against the heavy favorites. Heavy favorites in baseball usually have a good pitcher going for them. Bettors don’t want to lay this price when they wager on baseball but they sure don’t want to take an underdog that doesn’t have much of a chance to win. The smart bettors realize that if you take the big -200 or more favorite you have to win 2 out of three just to break even as you wager on baseball and those odds are not appealing. Taking the dog is not appealing either as you gamble on baseball because most of the time the dogs lose in baseball betting.

There might have been instances in the past where betting high priced favorites was profitable for gamblers that wager on baseball but the sportsbooks have really raised the price on favorites. Unlike the NFL, baseball is just not a parity driven sport and that can present a challenge to baseball bettors that wager on baseball because of the high priced favorites they see everyday.