Under the Baseball Lines

March 6th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball lines are available on sides and totals throughout the months of April, May, June, July, August, September and October. If you want to be a winning baseball bettor then you need to do more than just bet your favorite teams versus the MLB lines. One way to do that is to look at totals on the baseball odds board and take many of them under. MLB lines are based on money lines which mean that you lay more money on the favored team. With totals you don’t have to worry about laying big money. Usually you are laying -110 or -120 on each total in MLB lines. Since we know that baseball is focused around pitching we can use that knowledge to look at the totals in baseball odds. Usually teams that win have good pitching.

Good pitching in baseball usually means unders are very good wagers. What we want to remember about teams with good pitching is that very rarely are they good enough values on the baseball lines in terms of sides. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good values on the unders versus the MLB lines. A little know fact is that winning baseball teams, more often than not, have a tendency to go under in baseball lines. Winning teams usually have good pitching and good defense. That combination is usually good to keep a game under the betting total versus MLB lines.

An example of a team that has been a decent under team versus the baseball lines is the St. Louis Cardinals. They are one of the public’s most popular teams and a usual World Series contender. St. Louis has always been known for its strong pitching, and good sound defense. The problem has been that they have also been heavy favorites, but if you are betting the over/under baseball lines you don’t have to worry about that. Other teams like the Angels and the Athletics have done the same thing that the Cardinals and White Sox have done.

The good news about betting on quality teams with quality starters is that unders usually are good wagers versus the baseball lines. The MLB odds maker can’t do much other than move the total a half a run and even that is rare. The baseball odds makers can raise up the price on the favorite but there isn’t much they can do with a total and that gives you the advantage.


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