Twins and Red Sox on ESPN in MLB Wagering

March 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB wagering features the Minnesota Twins on ESPN for the second straight day. Yesterday they played the Yankees and they get another American League East power on Thursday as they face the Red Sox.  Boston is a slight favorite in baseball wagering in this contest. MLB wagering lists the Boston Red Sox as the second choice behind the Yankees to win the American League East. The Red Sox made some changes in the off-season, some of which were positive, some of which were not.

They could struggle to score runs this season if they don’t get a big year out of players like David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia. The Red Sox got a scare earlier this spring when Pedroia sprained his left wrist Twins.  He is back now and Boston does not seem worried even though they held him out last week. “He’s fine,” Francona said. “I just thought that with a week to go, it just didn’t make sense to me. I’d rather him be a little antsy and wanting to play, especially today. We’re sitting in a meeting, we’re sitting around. We’re not out on the field [for batting practice]. I just didn’t think that made any sense. He may not want to own up to it, but I think he probably agrees.”

The Red Sox need Pedroia if they are to challenge the Yankees in MLB wagering. Pedroia said that he will not be sitting out this season. “It’s Spring Training,” said Pedroia. “If this was the season and he didn’t play me, it’s going to get ugly. But no, I’m fine. They just gave me an extra day. It’s no big deal.”  Pedroia is hitting .351 with one homer and eight RBIs this spring.

If the Red Sox are to contend this season in baseball wagering then they will need to find some pitching behind Josh Beckett and John Lackey. They are hoping that Tim Wakefield and Daisuke Matsuzaka provide the answers. Wakefield looks as good as he normally does.  He just goes out and continually gets the job done. “Physically, I felt great,” Wakefield said. “I think I had a little more energy in my last start. For some reason, today, I just got tired in the last inning. I didn’t have the sharpness of my knuckleball entering the sixth. Other than that, I feel great and I look forward to starting the season.”  Dice-K will be starting the season on the DL as the Red Sox don’t want to rush him back.  He is well behind the other starters and will miss at least the first couple of weeks of the Twins season.


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