Totals are great in Baseball Betting Odds

March 8th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds involve more than just sides. You can wager on totals in baseball odds just as easily as you wager on sides, and sometimes more profitably. MLB betting odds totals are simply when gamblers wager on whether or not the combined score in a game will go over or under the baseball odds set by the linemaker. MLB betting odds are exciting to wager on and those include totals. For example, if the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners have a MLB betting odds total posted of 11.5, gamblers would wager on whether or not the two teams would combine to go score more or less than 11.5 runs. If Texas won 7-4, for example, the total would be 11, which would make the game an under versus the baseball betting odds.

Unlike MLB wagering on sides, totals wagering comes at far lower prices in MLB betting odds, often similar to the standard 11/10 prices that gamblers get on basketball and football games. Many professionals actually prefer to wager on totals in baseball odds rather than sides.

There are a number of reasons that sides can be more attractive to gamblers that bet baseball odds. First, as we stated earlier, the prices will be lower.  Instead of laying -200 on a team you can lay -110 or -120 on a MLB betting odds total.  Second, you can handicap totals just as you do sides in baseball betting odds, and sometimes more effectively.  There is no doubt that if you handicap a side wrong that your chances of winning are poor.  That might not always be the case with a total.  For example, if you like a game under the total and one pitcher doesn’t do well but the other one does, you could still win. That doesn’t happen with a side very often in MLB betting odds.  Third, totals can incorporate factors like weather and umpires into the equation.  The more help you can get in handicapping baseball betting odds the better your chances will be and that is what totals give you in baseball betting odds.


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