MLB Odds vs. Top Over/Under Teams

March 11th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Through the first month and a half of the Major League Baseball season there are some definite trends emerging in terms of over/unders vs. the MLB odds.There are some teams like Los Angeles and Arizona that are going over the MLB lines while other teams like Houston and San Diego are going under. MLB odds list the total for every game and sometimes the totals give you opportunities to make money.  The Dodgers and Diamondbacks were two teams that were going over the total quite frequently. Neither team has a strong starting pitching staff.  The Dodgers were trying to put together some sort of rotation but so far only Clayton Kershaw has looked like a pitcher you want to follow. The rest of the staff is allowing a lot of runs and that means games go over the total.  Arizona has had a similar problem as many of their starters are pitching poorly. Even their ace, Dan Haren has not been that good.

In the American League the Yankees and White Sox were the two teams that had gone over the MLB odds the most.  The Yankees have a powerful offense but with their good starting pitching it is still somewhat surprising they have gone over the total so often.  The White Sox were also a surprise team in terms of over/unders as their pitching was supposed to be stronger than their hitting.

Teams early in the season that were going under the total were Houston, San Diego and St. Louis.  The Astros simply can’t score enough runs so many of their games were going under.  It should be noted though that the Astros were without Lance Berkman early in the season and he is now back in the lineup.  They should score more runs with him healthy.  The Cardinals have an excellent pitching staff led by Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter.  Even with Albert Pujols in the lineup, the Cardinals were going under the MLB lines quite a bit.  San Diego has had excellent pitching all season and they were another team that was going under the total quite frequently.

Numbers change throughout the baseball season but early season trends are worth noting.  Some teams like San Diego and St. Louis may be teams to take under the total all year while a team like Los Angeles may continue to go over the total unless they get their pitching straightened out.


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