The Yankees stink this Season

November 1st, 2019 MLB Baseball

With the Bronx bombers dead last on the AL East division, betting on baseball on the Yankees, seems like a bad idea, right now.

We know that for some betting on baseball fans, talking about the Yankees is much like talking about their mother’s, but please the headline is not just personal appreciation is a straight up FACT. Let’s just take a look in to the stats first.

The Yankees have a Home record of 5-7, a road record of 3-8, a total 8-15 for a .348 Percentage. And while this is just the beginning of the season: boy, do those Yanks stink. The Yankees are currently going a 5 game losing streak, that could possible be already at 6 by the time of writing this they are about to play the -1½ Orioles. A win today could give them a breath of fresh air, but ultimately it wouldn’t change much.

Sports gambling experts also point out that the current status of the Yankees are a troubling indicator that this season is going to be long and complicated for the Yanks. Stat freaks have pointed out that only the (dismal) Twins and the (disappointing) Astros own worse records than the Yankees in the American League. And just to rub salt on the wound the Red Sox are on top of the East division.

The big problem for the Yankees is that they are pitching terribly and almost not scoring. That’s bad; especially when they are the team with least runs scored on the league, for baseball betting fans should mean a very obvious PICK THE UNDER for their upcoming games versus Baltimore and their series versus the Red Sox.

Now at this point in the season considering that the Yankees are not able to comeback would be unwise. They have been in similar positions before and managed to bounce back, however in this particular case, it doesn’t feel that a change might be coming any time soon. Why? Because they have a full healthy roster and it is a matter of performance entirely, which makes this even so much more frustrating for Yankee fans betting on baseball.

But not is all bad news for the Bronx bombers, soon they will have 10 straight games at home that should allow them to get some wins and climb out of the bottom of the division. However, some of those games are against their bitter rivals from Bean town. Either this will further prolong the dreadful series the Yankees are having or it is a golden opportunity to turn things around in front of their home crowd.

The Yankees stink and that’s the ugly truth. And if they don’t begin to turn things around the gap in the East will widen quickly and they might miss out on the Playoffs, and that would be a disaster for the organization. It will be interesting to see how this is going to payout in the coming months of betting on baseball, but for the moment, things don’t look to good in the Big Apple.

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