The schedule for the World Series has been announced

October 9th, 2019 MLB Baseball

Major League Baseball has announced the schedule for the 2016 World Series, the first time since 1997 in which Cleveland MLB betting fans will be able to wager money on the Indians. Here it is:

World Series Schedule to Keep in Mind

  • October 25, NL Champion at Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field
    October 26, NL Champion at Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field
    October 28, Cleveland Indians at NL Champion, to be determined
  • October 29, Cleveland Indians at NL Champion, to be determined
    October 30, Cleveland Indians at NL Champion, to be determined (if necessary)
    November 1, NL Champion at Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field (if necessary)
    November 2, NL Champion @ Cleveland Indians, Progressive Field (if necessary)

Cleveland Indians in the World Series

In spite of several injuries to key players, the Tribe hitting and bullpen proved to be too much of a challenge for the Toronto Blue Jays, whom the Cleveland Indians put away in five games. The Cleveland Indians have not won Major League Baseball’s World Series since the year of our lord of 1948, which is actually the longest active drought of any baseball team in the American League. The dream of many fans who bet on baseball has thus come true – at least the dream of seeing the Cleveland Indians made all the way to the World Series. Whether the Cleveland Indians will win the World Series is another matter entirely.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Especially when MLB fans do not know yet who the Cleveland Indians will be facing in the World Series, though of course it will be either the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Chicago Cubs. The Los Angeles Dodgers are looking to make their first World Series appearance and win since they won the title in the 1988 season. Meanwhile the Chicago Cubs making a bid for their first appearance since the 1945 season, and also win their first title since the 1908 season.

Charlie Sheen

And now for something completely different, famous… actor? Charlie Sheen – known for playing Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the movie “Major League” – has offered his services to pitch the ceremonial first pitch before one of this year’s World Series games. While one would assume MLB betting fans are completely indifferent to this, Cleveland Indian fans have actually expressed their wishes on social media to have the… celebrity? become a part of the festivities. One can only conclude they are still high on that win over the Toronto Blue Jays. A natural high, of course, not the kind Mr. Sheen used to be accustomed to.

MLB betting fans

It would actually be fitting, seeing as how the aforementioned Major League movie is the story of motley crew Cleveland Indians finishing in first place – a vision that not too long was widely considered to be science fiction. As we can see, however, life does eventually end up imitating art, even if it is almost 30 years. As a matter of fact, Mike Napoli and Jason Kipnis made their own shrine to the voodoo deity Jobu, just as seen in the movie. Let’s just hope that Jobu helps them – and MLB betting fans – win big in the World Series.

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