The Road Team in Baseball World Series Games

March 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball World Series action will give you a number of chances to bet the road team. If you want to win at MLB World Series betting then you sometimes have to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. That could mean taking the road team in MLB World Series action. Baseball World Series action brings out a lot more gamblers than regular season action. More people are involved in MLB World Series betting and that means the home teams are going to be favored even more than normal. Public bettors rarely want to take the road team so keep that in mind as you look at the MLB World Series.

Series baseball World Series gamblers will look at a team as far as their strengths, weaknesses, and the likely pitching matchups as they look for winners in MLB World Series betting. A factor they look at is whether or not the road team is compatible enough with the stadium of the home team. Dodger Stadium, for example, is not anything close to a hitter’s park and a baseball team that is used to playing at a hitter’s friendly home stadium may not fare well in the MLB World Series. On the other hand, poor offensive teams may not have enough to succeed at a place such as Fenway Park where runs are oftentimes plentiful. When looking at MLB World Series betting, particularly when teams are on the road, you must consider a multitude of factors. Handicapping the pitching, past performance, current streaks, past road history and overall talent are the best guides on whether a team is a good risk against the MLB World Series odds when they are on the road.

Streaks are definitely a part of baseball World Series action. Just look at how many sweeps there have been in the past couple of decades in baseball World Series action. That means a team has won two games on the road. If you followed the road theory in World Series betting you would have made money even with a sweep going 2-2 but probably getting plus money in both road games in MLB World Series action. Definitely consider the road teams as you look at MLB World Series odds this year.

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