Taking the Price in Baseball Betting

March 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting oftentimes has teams listed as big underdogs on a regular basis. Since baseball is a money line sport you will always get underdogs that look appealing. There are a few main reasons to consider underdogs in MLB betting. Baseball betting lines make underdogs attractive wagers. The main reason gamblers can make money by betting underdogs in baseball is that they can win half their bets and make money.  For example, let’s say you play two underdogs against the MLB betting odds and both are +160.  All you need is a split to make money.  Let’s say you play 10 games and all of them are underdogs.  If you split those 10 games you are going to make good money in baseball betting.  In fact, you can be below the break even mark straight up and still make money betting underdogs.

Early in the season has traditionally been a great time to bet underdogs.  As teams start the season it is much more difficult for the baseball betting oddsmakers to set the lines.  The odds are much more likely to be tilted toward the favorite.  Another reason for betting the underdog early in the year is the fact that starting pitchers are not ready to go nine innings.  That means the bullpens will be in play and that can help the underdogs in baseball betting.  Anytime things are uncertain it helps the team that is the underdog in sports.

If you are regularly going to bet underdogs then you should look to go against the 4th and 5th starters.  The marquee teams very often still get a lot of respect from the baseball betting odds makers even when their worst pitchers are going.  Those are good spots to go with the underdogs. The Yankees or Red Sox may still be a -160 or higher favorite in MLB betting even when their fourth or fifth starter is on the mound.

Another option with underdogs in MLB betting is to take a top starter. You can also consider playing certain teams at home when they are underdogs vs. the baseball odds. Keep in mind that you don’t have to win every game to make money when you are betting underdogs.  You can be 50-50 and do very well taking underdogs in baseball betting.  Keep that in mind as you look at the baseball lines this season.


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