Baseball Lines Action: Strasmas Comes Again 6/23, Royals Host Nationals

March 12th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Stephen Strasburg has been the most hyped rookie to reach the Major League baseball lines action in decades. Any sports betting fan that has seen this guy in action, has not been disappointed with his almost mythic results in his few performances, in the baseball odds competition.

After dominating college baseball last year and becoming the number one pick overall in the MLD Draft –and earning himself the biggest signing bonus in baseball lines history ($15 million) – Strasburg started out this year by destroying minor league batters.  After a few months of that the struggling Nationals simply couldn’t keep him in the minors any longer and called him up for his first MLB baseball lines action.

The rest has been baseball odds history.

Through three MLB betting starts, Strasburg is 2-0 with 33 Ks in 19.1 innings with a 1.86 ERA.   Those are all dazzling numbers and in a very rare occurrence in sports betting this rookie has actually lived up to the hype.

He’s been so effective he’s had a baseball betting holiday of sorts invented for him: Stramas.  It occurs every fifth day when Strasburg takes the mound and the next Strasmas falls on Wednesday June 23rd when the rookie takes the mound against the woeful KC Royals.

The Royals (29-41) are perennially one of the worst teams in the MLB baseball lines.  There is little reason to think that they’ll give Strasburg much problem.  On the other hand the Royals lineup is going to need to study all the tape of Strasburg they can get their hands on.  His dominating power, placement, breaking pitches and stellar changeup make him all but unhittable.

The only question for the Nationals is whether or not the bats can put a few runs on the board.  In Strasburg’s latest start last Friday versus the Chicago White Sox he pitched perhaps his best game to date in the MLB betting action yet got his first no decision as his team backed him up with just one and the relief pitchers gave the game away.

Strasburg will have some bad days on the mound this season and plenty more in what should be brilliant MLB betting career, but he shouldn’t have too many problems against the Royals and if the Nationals can give him at least three funs in support he’ll push his baseball betting record to 3-0 through four starts.


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