St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Betting history

March 13th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals began in 1892 and have one of baseball’s richest traditions and greatest baseball betting fan bases. The Cardinals have won 16 pennants and 9 baseball bet World Series, while boasting a total of 32 Hall of Famers, and 17 Most Valuable Players. Branch Rickey, later of Brooklyn fame, got his real start in St. Louis becoming general manager in 1920.

By 1922 baseball betting season Rogers Hornsby won the Triple Crown, repeating the feat in 1925. Team success arrived in 1926 baseball betting season with the St. Louis Cardinals first pennant, and a baseball bet World Series triumph over the Yankees, who extracted revenge in a 1928 rematch. Pitcher Dizzy Dean arrived in 1930 baseball betting season as did another pennant, but St. Louis lost to the A’s in the World Series.

St. Louis got revenge on Philadelphia in the 1931 baseball betting Fall Classic, however. 1934 was another pennant baseball betting season as the team was known as the “Gas House Gang” for its roughhouse style. Dean won 30 baseball bet games and the MVP while his brother won 19. Both brothers won 2 games in the World Series triumph over Detroit. 1942 baseball betting season was a World Series winner over the Yankees. Stan Musial won the 1943 MVP but the Cards lost to the Yankees in the World Series but defeated the cross town Browns in the following year’s baseball bet Fall Classic. In 1946 St. Louis tied with Brooklyn for the NL pennant and won a playoff before defeating Boston in a classic 7-game series for the world title. Musial his 3rd MVP in 1948 and earned his 3000th hit ten years later. In 1963 baseball betting season at the age of 42, Musial hit .330 nearly missing the NL batting crown before retiring at baseball betting season’s end.

St. Louis started off 1964 baseball betting season in 7th place, but a trade for Lou Brock sparked them to overtake the choking Phillies for the pennant, and later a World Series win over the Yankees. 1967-68 were golden years in Cardinal lore as pitcher Bob Gibson dominated both baseball betting seasons as the won the 1967 World Series over Boston but lost the 1968 Fall Classic to Detroit. An era of frustration and mediocrity followed, however, as the Cardinals would not return to excellence until 1982 baseball betting season, when manager White Herzog led the Redbirds to a World Series win over Milwaukee. They lost a classic all-Missouri World Series to Kansas City in 1985, blowing a 3-1 lead and another to Minnesota in 1987. Tony LaRussa began a new era as Manager in 1986 that has produced 5 playoff appearances but no world titles. Mark McGwire set a now tainted MLB record of 70 home runs in a season for 1998. Albert Pujols emerged as a dominant player in 2003.


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