SF Giants on a Roll, Win 12 of Last 13 Games

October 28th, 2019 MLB Baseball

At the start of the season the Cubs, due to their troubled history, and the Giants, due to their great acquisitions were considered the top picks for fans betting on baseball. Last weekend the Giants upset the Cubs in their series and moved on to the Padres, prolonging their run to 12 out of 13 games, culminating in a 8-2 thrashing to the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, the Giants are further cementing themselves as a top team in Major League Baseball for those who like to place the occasional baseball bet.

Forget the National League, the Giants are World Series Contenders. Their record proves it, their recent roll proves it, and their experience as past World Series Champs validates this claim. But beyond all this, online betting fans need to keep in mind that the Giants kept this great run while rotating their roster and they didn’t experience much of a drop off talent-wise. They contested against the Cubs, dismantled the Reds and smashed the Padres.

Also worth mentioning that the bullpen has had a great run so far and this will be good to carry further along. This is only the beginning for them as they look to close out the series against the Padres and rest before starting the away series versus the Colorado Rockies on Friday. They are likely to be the online betting favorites all through out, not to mention the smart pick.

The situation with sports teams hitting a good streak is the speculation on when and whom against will they lose. Well, the Rockies are good candidates to put a halt on the Giants run, but it all depends on the rotation they will have. It has been announced that the Giants will open with Cain, then follow with Bumgarner and close with Cueto. The Rockies could take game 1, since Cain has been the weakest link in the Giants Bullpen. First game might see a stumble from the Giants, but games 2 and 3 will see them prevail for sure.

This run the Giants have had, propels them as one of the favorites for the national League Pennant, and the main rivals the Cubs will face in that quest. As the season marches on, if the Giants hit a slump, they are strong minded and talented enough to pull through, something that the Cubs are yet to prove. Regardless, both teams seem destined for a post-season clash.

As for the near future, the giants will remain hot for another 10 or so games. The occasional hiccups here and there are normal in a long baseball season. But believe the hype, the Giants are legit.  For the time being, online betting fans should always consider placing their baseball bet on them regardless of the circumstances. So far, they have been amazing.

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