Runs Lines in Baseball Betting Odds

November 30, 2010 MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds are available on sides, totals and on run lines.

When you look at baseball odds you will notice that the lines are based on a money line where you lay money instead of points. There is another option in addition to the money line though in baseball betting odds and it is called the run line. Baseball betting odds in regards to the run line is where you lay 1.5 runs or take 1.5 runs instead of the traditional money line. Let’s look at a typical baseball betting odds example and also attach the run line.

Detroit Tigers – Verlander            9 under   +1.5 -180
Chicago White Sox – Buehrle      -140         -1.5 +160

In this case you see the normal money line where the Sox are -140 and the Tigers are +120 in baseball betting odds. This does not involve any runs it is a straight money line where you only worry about the team winning the game. The run line at the far right is where you are either laying 1.5 runs or taking 1.5 runs on the baseball betting odds. In this instance if you lay the 1.5 runs you get $160 for every $100 you wager on the White Sox in baseball betting odds. If you want to take the 1.5 runs with the Tigers you have to lay $180 for every $100 or the 18/10 equivalent in baseball betting odds.

Run lines are provided by sportsbooks as an additional baseball betting odds option. Usually you will see bettors laying the 1.5 runs versus taking the run and a half in baseball odds. You might have a heavy favorite that is -200 or more where a bettor doesn’t want to lay the big money and instead lays the 1.5 at maybe -120 or so in baseball odds. This happens a lot with teams like the Yankees and Red Sox. Most of the time gamblers don’t take the +1.5 in baseball betting odds because the only time taking the +1.5 is when your team loses by only one run.

Remember as you look at baseball betting odds to consider the run line. It is especially helpful when you have big favorites so you are not laying -200 or more every game in baseball odds.

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