Royals-Giants 2014 World Series Betting Preview

October 21, 2014 MLB Baseball

baseball bats in holder on fieldWorld Series betting is finally here! The 2014 October classic that brings the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants in a clash that will be one to for the ages. This year’s World Series will have the two most clutch teams in the postseason. It will definitively be one of the most exciting series in recent history.

We will have must-watch baseball. Both teams had to overcome the Wild-Card games; both are below 90 wins on the regular season; both teams had their share of exciting games and thrilling moments in the postseason. Lets take a look into both of them and how both teams are gearing up to these series.

First off, the Kansas City Royals. At the beginning of the post season, most baseball pundits saw them losing the Wild Card game, and virtually no one saw what was coming. The Royals beat the Oakland A’s in one of the most exciting Wild Card games in recent memory, and then magic happened.

They just couldn’t stop winning. They swept past the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles. They are currently on a historic and epic post season that will not be soon forgotten, and World Series Betting fans shouldn’t either.

Secondly, the San Francisco Giants faced the Pirates on their respective Wild Card game and game them a blowout. Then the Giants moved on to the Nationals on a series that was historic itself, as it had an epic 2-1 Giant victory on a marathon of a game of six hours and twenty three minutes, for a grand total of 18 innings (practically two games in one).

Then, they moved on to they moved on to the Cardinals and defeated them on games that pushed the Giants to bring their A game. On their last game they went on to the World Series on a dramatic Homerun by Travis Ishikawa.

So, what would be our World Series betting picks? All things considered on how the Giants can make great plays when they needed it the most and how the Royals have the best pitching of the playoffs, we think this series will go to distance. We are calling it Giants in 7.

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