Road Teams in MLB Odds

March 14th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB odds have a lot of big prices on the board. If you have bet baseball you probably know all about the big baseball odds. It is getting tougher and tougher to find value, especially when you are laying -200 or more. Since the baseball odds are getting higher many gamblers are looking to road teams for value.

Baseball odds are almost always lower on road teams. Good teams playing on the road are even better because you usually get decent baseball odds value and you have a shot to win the game. Very often in baseball odds you will see good teams like the Cardinals, White Sox, Twins or other teams fairly priced on the road. You can’t throw the Yankees or Red Sox into this equation because they are almost always overpriced in baseball odds regardless of where they play. The other teams though can oftentimes give good value to the gambler.

Very often in baseball odds you will see home teams overpriced. For example, let’s say you had the New York Mets with their 2nd or 3rd pitcher behind Johan Santana on the mound. The Mets at home would probably be favored in baseball odds at -150 or more. If you take them on the road in the same situation they would probably be even or plus money in baseball odds.  That is how much value you can get when betting on the road team in MLB odds.  This doesn’t always work with marquee pitchers though which is why we left Santana out of that particular example.

Always keep in mind that excellent teams and perennial contenders are not intimidated by road games and their baseball odds are much better. Keep in mind that the baseball odds have never been more expensive for home teams. You must find ways to get value and one of the best ways to do that is to take road teams, especially quality road teams in MLB odds. There is no doubt that home teams will continually be overpriced in MLB odds. This means that road teams will always be the first place to look when you look at MLB odds.


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