Ride Streaks versus the Baseball Betting Line

March 14th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Ride Streaks line winners oftentimes will follow streaks to make money. Part of the natural appeal and charm of baseball is that it is a game of streaks and numbers, which seem to offset its somewhat slower pace compared to other sports. Baseball has a lot of magical numbers associated with it and there are few thrills greater than taking a team on a winning streak versus the baseball betting line. Baseball betting line oddsmakers know that streaks can hurt them. Part of succeeding when looking at baseball lines is for a gambler to know how to handle a streak, whether it is good or bad, winning or losing. And it is not as easy as you might think.

For example, baseball bettors that encounter a rough stretch of losing versus the baseball betting line will automatically make the worst decision possible, and that is to bet even more money at a time in which they cannot win a game. What logical reason would there be to keep pouring money down a losing rat hole and yet too many gamblers buy into the theory that they are “due” and that the numbers will change. This same thing happens when gamblers look at the baseball lines and think a team is due to win. They chase that team until they win or they go broke versus the baseball betting line. Yes, eventually, the numbers will change and that is the point. When looking at the baseball betting line, the gambler must have the patience and discipline to naturally wait for those corrections to come about rather than to force the issue with increased wagers versus the baseball betting line.

The numbers you can consider when looking at baseball lines are endless. From pitchers statistics to the batters, from on base stats to slugging percentage, day and night records, lefty/righty stats, bullpen numbers, even umpire data, which is why the baseball betting line has such a strong and loyal, if smaller, following than the NFL betting line. The multitudes of numbers mean that there are multitudes of systems and theories that can be applied when looking at the baseball betting line.

Keep in mind that a simple way to bet baseball lines is to just ride the streaks. Play on the winning streaks and against the losing streaks versus the baseball betting line. Don’t try and go against streaks but ride them out and make money versus the baseball betting line.


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