Red Sox Still Without Beckett vs. Baseball Odds

March 15th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

The Boston Red Sox have been having more success recently vs. the baseball odds but they still don’t have top pitcher Josh Beckett. He was set to come off the disabled list this week but a recent setback has made that unlikely.  Boston has stayed in the race and won some games vs. the baseball lines but to make the playoffs they need Beckett to be healthy.

Baseball odds normally favor Boston and they almost always favor the Red Sox when Beckett is pitching.  Two years ago, Beckett had a similar injury and the Red Sox are being cautious as they don’t want to rush him back before he is fully healed.  Beckett has not pitched well this season and the injuries are one reason why.

The Boston pitching rotation currently is led by Jon Lester. He is the best starter on the staff and the one that commands the most respect vs. the baseball odds.  John Lackey has been a disappointment so far after the Red Sox signed him to a big contract.  Clay Buchholz has been very good lately and he is showing signs of becoming a solid starter.  Daisuke Matsuzaka has been up and down.  In one game he can be great and in the next game he can totally lose control.  Tim Wakefield has also been up and down this season.

If Boston is to make the playoffs they need a solid starting rotation.  Right now the only consistent starters are Lester and Buchholz.  The Red Sox need Lackey to start earning his money and they need Beckett to be healthy.  He is supposed to be the number one starter on this staff.  If he gets back and throws the way he has in the past the Red Sox could make a run at New York and Tampa Bay in the American League East.  If he doesn’t return to form then it is very unlikely the Red Sox will be making the playoffs this season.  His importance probably can’t be overstated in terms of looking at the baseball lines on the Red Sox.  Boston has pieced together the rotation so far this season but in the dog days of summer they need Beckett taking his turn every fifth day.


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