Profitable MLB Betting Totals

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

MLB betting totals are definitely different than totals in football or basketball. Betting football and basketball totals revolve around looking at offensive and defensive statistics for the two teams while baseball is different because totals are based in a large part on just one thing, pitching. Oddsmakers set totals in baseball mainly on the starting pitchers. This can definitely give you an advantage if you have more information regarding the starting pitcher than the baseball betting oddsmaker does.

Baseball betting totals give you several advantages. It is very possible to win baseball betting totals even if you are only half right in your handicapping.  Let’s say you have two superb pitchers matching up in a National League game with a total of 7.5. It is possible for one of the two to get shelled and you could still win your bet in baseball betting.

Let’s say for example it was San Diego’s Jake Peavy against the Mets Johan Santana. If either Peavy or Santana is on their game you are probably going to have a decent shot to win an under. The same principle applies, perhaps even more so, with two rotten pitchers in baseball betting. Let’s say you have two American League pitchers that are just average and the game total is 11 in baseball betting. If one of them has a poor outing, which is very possible, you are immediately going to have a good shot at winning your total in baseball betting.

The next big advantage to playing baseball totals, and this is a big one, is the price in baseball betting. You don’t have to lay over -120 on any total in baseball betting.  You can get a fair line on baseball totals in baseball betting, and that makes betting them attractive. Another big advantage to betting the totals is that they don’t move very much. The biggest move you are likely to see is a half run in baseball betting. So if you are on the right side of a total, the oddsmaker can’t do too much about it. They can move it a little in baseball betting, but not a lot. It is not like the NBA where totals can land just about anywhere.  Baseball betting totals are pretty much going to land between 7 and 11 most of the time.

It is not a guarantee that you will make money in baseball betting totals, but your chances of doing so are definitely better than with a lot of other forms of gambling. Take some time and look into MLB betting totals.