Pitching Could Decide World Baseball Classic Betting

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

World Baseball Classic betting results could be determined by which team has the best pitching staff. Three years ago that honor went to Japan and they won the title. This year the best pitching staff could be the one on the United States team who is 2-1 in World MLB Classic odds. World MLB Classic betting has the Dominican Republic favored to win the title with the U.S. and Japan the second and third choices. Dominant pitchers are a huge edge in this tournament in World MLB Classic betting and the U.S. has two of them in Jake Peavy and Roy Oswalt. Japan is the other team that could have two dominant pitchers in Daisuke Matsuzaka and Japanese league star Yu Darvish.

Japan also has Hideki Okajima and Masahide Kobayashi in the bullpen and they can impact World Baseball Classic odds. The Dominican team just does not have the top shelf quality that the United States and Japan have and their bullpen is definitely a question mark and that could be a problem in World MLB Classic betting. The key for the Dominican team in World Baseball Classic betting will be how well Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto pitch.

Cuba has a deep pitching staff led by Pedro Luis Lazo but how good they are in World MLB Classic odds is anyone’s guess. Mexico has Matt Garza, Oliver Perez and Joakim Soria so they should be able to stay in games and impact World Baseball Classic betting. Venezuela has Felix Hernandez and closer Francisco Rodriguez but they could have been so much better in World Baseball Classic betting with Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano.

Just three years ago in World MLB Classic betting it was Japan getting the top notch pitching and pulling off the upset. Looking at each team’s staff this year in World Baseball Classic betting we find that the United States has an excellent staff but not without question marks. The bullpen is very thin and Putz and Broxton are not lights-out closers. The Japanese team looks solid with Daisuke but the key could be Darvish. If he pitches like the scouts say he will then Japan could return to the World Baseball Classic betting final. The rest of the pitching staffs in World Baseball Classic odds really look suspect. If pitching determines which teams make the final then you can mark down Japan versus the United States in World Baseball Classic betting on March 23rd from Dodger Stadium.

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