Pitchers in Baseball Betting

March 18th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Baseball betting odds have the names of pitchers listed next to them at sportsbooks. Baseball betting fans look intensely at starting pitchers in MLB betting. Some pitchers are so bad that MLB betting gamblers will rush to oppose them regardless of price but, more to the point, there are some pitchers that gamblers will bet regardless of merit as long as these pitchers have the big name.

MLB betting has a lot of big name pitchers. In the National League you have pitchers like Johan Santana and Jake Peavy while in the American League you have pitchers like C.C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett. If you have a big name pitcher and a big name team you really see the baseball betting odds rise. That is the case with Santana and Beckett because they pitch on public teams. The Mets and Red Sox are teams that attract a lot of attention in MLB betting. A pitcher like Scott Kazmir has a big reputation but since he pitches for Tampa Bay his MLB betting odds are not quite as high as those on Santana and Beckett.

What can happen sometimes is that a pitcher with a big name has an off season in MLB betting. A pitcher like Peavy could pitch well and have his team get him no runs. Another pitcher that doesn’t have the big name may be a better bet in baseball betting because his price is fair. The MLB betting odds on pitchers like Peavy, Beckett, Webb, etc. are almost always too high. It is very difficult to make money on big name pitchers because the baseball betting oddsmakers make the price so high.

MLB betting is a long-term grind that lasts from April until June. If you are continually betting big name pitchers you will need them to win almost every time to make money. That just doesn’t happen in MLB betting.  Remember that baseball betting is about money lines. If you are consistently laying -200 on big name pitchers you are probably going to be in the red at the end of the season in baseball betting.


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