Online Baseball Betting Run Lines

March 20th, 2024 Betting on MLB Baseball

Online baseball betting run lines are an interesting option for gamblers to consider. Many people that get involved in baseball betting ignore the run line entirely.  Run lines in online baseball betting are offered so that baseball bettors that like the favorite can risk a lower amount in exchange for giving the extra run.

Online baseball wagering run lines make it so you can play heavy favorites at reasonable prices. Let’s say you like the Yankees today and they are a -200 favorite. On the online baseball betting run line they will probably be near even money. You now have to win the game by 2 runs to get paid, but at least you are not laying the huge price in online baseball betting.

The only way the baseball betting run line hurts you is if the Yankees win by exactly one run. Every other outcome is to your benefit. Another advantage to playing the run line in online baseball wagering is that you may be able to get plus money. If the favorite is -170 or less you will probably get plus money if you play the online baseball wagering run line. There is no hard and fast rule for this, but usually if the price for the game is -170 or more you will get plus money on the online baseball betting run line.

What about taking the run line in online baseball wagering? Is that extra run worth laying the money? We know that laying the extra half run gives us a bargain price so conversely, getting the extra run makes us lay more money. We have to remember that the only time getting the extra run matters in baseball betting is when we lose the game by exactly one run.

The goal in baseball betting is to pick more winners than losers. That is hard to do when you lay big prices. Playing the run line and laying the extra run at plus money gives you the opportunity to play those power teams and power pitchers at a reduced price. If you only win the game by one run then you had bad luck, but in the long run you are better off laying the reduced price than laying over -200 all the time. If you are a good baseball bettor consider adding run lines to your baseball betting menu. That should give you another weapon in your online baseball wagering war.


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